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Veiled Somali Muslim enters the Swedish Parliament

In the 21st place on the list of the Greens, Leila Ali Elmi of Somali origin, was elected to the Riksdag on September 14th, which provoked controversy.

‘How much can Leila Ali Elmi be independent of the group that promoted her? Will she focus primarily on issues that benefit Somalis or Muslims? ‘ asked the liberal polemicist Ivar Arpi.

With a mandate of five years, the young woman had never held any other position than a substitute councilor of her district of Angered, one of the disadvantaged suburbs of Gothenburg.

Leila Ami Elmi admitted that it was a surprise even for her. But she wants to ‘inspire young people’, to show that it is ‘possible to campaign in the suburbs’, where many ‘believe they cannot influence society’. She will be ‘their voice’. Her opposers, however, blame her for leading a Somali campaign, barely referring to her party’s program.

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