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Share your relevant photo, or video!

Raise the banner of the golden lion

Our community is an online defence front to protect European civilization and culture. We must protect it because the “Europe belongs to everyone” approach poses a mortal danger to the nations of our continent.

Never in the history of mankind have we faced a situation like this, when a community under attack is deprived of the means to protect itself from barbarians who, supported by their local accomplices, tie our hands on the pretext of tolerance, freedom of speech and human rights.

That is why we decided to draw our swords in the virtual battlefield.

Look around and think!

Do you feel that deceitful politicians and their propaganda machine distorts reality? Uncontrolled immigrants keep swarming our cities.

Integrated into an underground mob society, they pose a threat to our population. The media hushes it up, in fact, even promotes this suicidal process.

Do you want to live in the security of a normal and well-organized Europe or an apocalyptic world ruled by tribal mob laws?

Time to decide!

That is why we call and encourage all of you to join our efforts!

Change begins by speaking out the truth!

Make recordings and take photos of the hushed-up crimes or disorderly acts committed by migrants!

Submit and share your videos and photos so that we could open the eyes of the blind and save Europe!

Be a correspondent, join the team of Custodela!


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