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United Kingdom: A surgeon elected “Doctor of the Year” in his hospital is forced to resign for “racism”

Peter Duffy, an NHS surgeon at Morcambe Bay hospital who was voted “Doctor of the Year” there, was forced to resign after being accused of racism by three of his colleagues: fellow doctors Kavinda Madhra, Ashutosh Jain, and Saleem Nassem. He subsequently took them to court.

Dr. Duffy told the court that he had reported that on various occasions these doctors had been unable to use an ultrasound machine, had treated several cases of cancer incorrectly, or were out playing golf when they should have been treating a patient who had fatal sepsis. Dr. Duffy also expressed his suspicions that the three doctors had missed operations or were involved in overtime fraud cases.

Dr. Duffy testified before the court that he was being subjected to “malicious, toxic, and totally false” allegations by the three men following his “warning” to them. Indeed, during his ten years of working in various NHS hospitals, the police had received regular anonymous charges describing him as a “racist tyrant” who bullied non-whites.

Dr. Duffy, who is now working in a hospital on the Isle of Man, said he was the victim of a “witch hunt” and that these problems were having a negative impact on his health, causing him heart problems and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“In my first few months at the Trust, I had been warned that I had to avoid any accusation of racism at all costs. Such allegations, I was told, even if totally unjustified, can destroy careers, as the NHS tends to treat the offender as culpable until proven guilty,” he explained.

Dr. Duffy also indicated that his is not isolated case: other doctors have gone through the same ordeal at the NHS, and describe themselves as “NHS refugees.”

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