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Two types of justice, and a common denominator: Charles Martel

On Sunday, migrants and protesters advocating for the rights of migrants occupied the Royal Basilica of St.-Denis, which is the Necropolis of the Kings of France.

Charles Martel was the victor over Abd Al-Rahman in Poitiers in 732. This great French military leader is the ancestor of the Capetian dynasty, and his tomb is also in the Basilica of St.-Denis, which remains an island of Christianity in the middle of the most Islamicized department of France.

80 to 150 “undocumented” migrants, at the instigation of an Islamophilic and immigrationist Leftist organization called Coordination des Sans-Papiers, carried out the demonstration, demanding:
-the withdrawal of the new bill tightening requirements for asylum-seekers;
-the regularization of all undocumented migrants already in the country;
-and the unconditional admission of new migrants.

The police intervened quickly to dislodge the demonstrators, but according to Pierre Garelli, the President of Coordination, 93 of the “asylum-seekers” complained that they were “handled brutally.”
This was still an injustice, however, as none of the demonstrators were criminally charged, unlike the members of the identitarian organization, Generation Identitaire, who occupied a mosque that was under construction in Poitiers in 2012

On that occasion, there was no damage to the site, nor racist messages, nor were any Muslims or police assaulted. Indeed, it was a peaceful demonstration to oppose the umpteenth symbol of Islamic ugliness going up in France, and its 22-meter-high minaret. And being near to the site of the Battle of Poitiers, its symbolic importance was clear.

But in fact, it turned out that proclaiming “Here it is Poitiers, it is not Algiers” on the roof of a future Islamic center can get you a year in prison with a suspended sentence, the deprivation of your civil rights, and up to 40,000 euros in fines.
Damien Rieu, one of the identitarians who was at the Poitiers demonstration in 2012, is still waiting on his sentence for “provoking national, racial, and religious discrimination through words, writings, images, or means of communication to the public by electronic means,” as well as for “damaging the property of others.”

If the Femen continue to invade our holy places, they risk nothing. The justice system has two weights and two measures, we tell you!
Depending on whether you are “migrating” or standing up for your identity, the courts will decide if you are white or black…

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