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Theo case: the video of the interpellation “invalidates the story of the young man”

Thursday, February 2, in Aulnay-sous-Bois, four policemen wanted to control a group of young peoples. A few minutes later, filmed by the surveillance cameras of the city and the phones of some residents, the arrest escalates: Theo accuses one of the policemen of having raped him with a nightstick.

This is the central piece of this case, the proof of what really happened to Theo L. The camera recording was analyzed by the investigators of the General Inspectorate of Police (IGPN) then put into the judicial process. It helps to understand what really happened.

In this video, it’s clear that Leo L. loses his jacket and his pants fall on his thighs, revealing his underpants. A few days later, the young man said about the policeman who wounded him: “he pulled down my pants and he raped me with his nightstick”. The prosecuted officials have always contested having lowered the pants of the victim. The images allow to confirm their version. Faced with the video by the examining magistrate, Théo L. changed his story. He now recognizes that his oversized sweatpants slipped by themselves alone.

A few days after the alleged rape, the department of Seine Saint Denis was, for 6 days, under acts of violence. Cars burnt, broken building windows, projectiles fired. And police barracks degraded.

“Barbarism,” “an act of torture,” “unworthy of a democracy” Politicians, media and artists were indignant in the newspapers and on television, Théo became the symbol of police violence.

In his report, the police established that “the intentional element that may be characterized as rape” was not established, the judicial investigation continues. According to a source close to the investigation, a confrontation between the young man and the police officer indicted for rape should soon be organized. The other three police officers, indicted for aggravated voluntary violence, were reinstated.


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