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The Netherlands: two stabbed by Afghan terrorist

Friday at 12:10 pm two Americans were seriously wounded in the Amsterdam train station when a 19-year old Afghan stabbed them, authorities said Saturday. The attacker was shot by the police.

‘It turned out that the man had a terrorist motivation,’ said the mayor of the Dutch capital in a statement Saturday. ‘The two victims are US citizens and we are in touch with them and their families,’ Pete Hoekstra, the US ambassador to the Netherlands, said Saturday in a statement without further details about who they are.

The attack came a day after the Afghan Taliban called for attacks on Dutch troops after right-wing MP Geert Wilders attempted to hold a caricature contest for the Prophet Muhammad. Mr. Wilders has since canceled the contest, which has greatly angered Muslims and sparked protests beyond the Netherlands, ‘to avoid any risk of victims of Islamic violence,’ he said.

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