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Vienna (Austria): “Out of 25 students, there are 21 that need to be integrated, and many of those think that Islamic law is superior,” a teacher testifies.

The problems in the classroom are almost impossible to solve. “It’s just too much,” she told the Austrian news site Addendum. Most of the children need integration, not only linguistically but also culturally. “Nobody can do it,” she says. “Where should we integrate them? ” Quarrels among the students are …

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Violence in Calais between migrants

Fights which have taken place in Calais, in northern France, today between migrants could be the responsibility of smugglers. Around 15:30, the first melee started between approximately 100 Eritrean migrants and 30 Afghans near the hospital of Calais, where meal distribution was being held, according to the prefecture. Shots were …

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Surge in Stabbings and Knife Crimes in Germany

A Syrian migrant was stabbed to death in northern Germany by another Syrian because he was eating ice cream during Ramadan. The murder — which occurred in broad daylight in a busy pedestrian shopping area in Oldenburg and caused great consternation among local citizens — is not just the latest …

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