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The leader of Wales UKIP invokes Enoch Powell: “The changes brought by immigration have never been desired by the British people”

The Welsh UKIP leader, Neil Hamilton, was criticized for declaring that “Enoch Powell was right.” “Overall, Britain is an incredibly tolerant country, but I think the kind of social changes brought about by mass immigration have never been desired by the majority of the British people,” he said. “In fact, …

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Turin, Italy: 8 North Africans have been arrested and are suspected of causing a stampede that left 1,500 injured and 1 dead by spraying chemicals into the crowd

A young woman is dead and 1,500 others were injured in a stampede that occurred during the broadcast of the Champions League final on June 3, 2017. 8 people were arrested in connection with the investigation, the Italian media reported on Friday. According to Repubblica, all the suspects in the …

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The Hungarian Minister of Justice: “The question of immigration is key because it affects the composition of our population. We can see that multiculturalism does not work in Western Europe “

Immigration, multiculturalism … The Hungarian Minister of Justice, who was ambassador to Brussels and Paris, talks about these sensitive issues in Central Europe. “Multiculturalism in Central Europe is very reluctant, especially since we observe that it does not work so well in Western Europe. This does not mean that we …

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