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Germany: Iranian kills his neighbor

A mysterious murder happened in Dusseldorf. The police are looking for an Iranian man, Ali S. (44), who stabbed his neighbor Anna S. (36) on the doorstep. On Monday morning, at 7:38, the neighbors heard a woman scream. A witness said, ‘She was screaming »Leave me alone, I did not …

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Germany: Turk attacking Thai ex girlfriend and Pole

Friday afternoon a 47-year-old ex girlfriend woman from Thailand and her 44-year-old new boyfriend from Poland were coming out of the supermarket ‘Kaufland’ of Sindorfer Street in Kerpen when a 43-year-old man of Turkish origin attacked them with a butcher’s axe. Both were seriously injured in the attack.The man was …

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Offenburg (Germany): Doctor killed by Somali

A doctor was stabbed to death in his office by a Somali migrant and his assistant was seriously injured in Offenburg, Germany. The deadly knife attack shocked the city’s inhabitants. The anti-immigration party AfD will organize a demonstration outside the City Hall. After the murder of the doctor, Mayor Edith …

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