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Danish Immigration Minister finds large numbers of migrants “cheating, lying, and abusing the authorities’ trust” to obtain refugee status

In an editorial published on April 24, Inger Støjberg, the Danish Minister of Immigration, wrote that a “significant number” of asylum-seekers “cheat, lie, and abuse the trust of the Danish government” in order to secure advantageous political refugee status. Another problem highlighted by Stojberg is the age of those who …

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Anti-Migrant Populism on Surge among Algerian Politicians

Few days after the launch of a migrant regularization campaign in Algeria, a new Algerian political leader and former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia expressed heinous statements verging on racism and hate speech against Sub-Saharan migrants in the country. Speaking to Ennahar TV station, Ouyahya, Secretary General of RND political party, …

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Hundreds of Private Pools Used by Uninvited ‘Young Men’

In France, owners of private pools face a new kind of infringement of property. In hundreds of places all over the country, ‘youths’ enter illegally properties in order to enjoy the swimming pools. In the region of Toulouse, the regional secretary of the Alliance police union told BFMTV that police …

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Migrants Continue to Attack Hungarian Border

Illegal migrants continuously attempt to enter Hungary through the closed border fence near the town of Ásotthalom. László Toroczkai, Mayor of Ásotthalom is famous for his hardline policy against illegal migrants and keeps a constant watch on the Serbian-Hungarian border not far from his town. “At night, these migrants have …

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