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Sweden authorizes another mosque to broadcast a Friday call to prayer

Today, the Swedish police granted permission to a mosque in Växjö, in southern Sweden, to broadcast its Friday call to prayer (Adhan) through loudspeakers. This decision has provoked many reactions in the political and public spheres, only five months before the parliamentary elections. The measure, which will take effect from Friday for a period of one year, has caused some politicians to fear that it will exacerbate the existing split in society.

“The call to prayer will not strengthen integration in Växjö, but rather risks increasing the distance between communities in the city,” said Anna Tenje, a city councilor with the conservative Moderates party, to the TT news agency.

For his part, Sweden’s Social Democrat Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, said that the end of communitarianism goes hand in hand with the fight against unemployment, as well as as the struggle for higher quality in schools and neighborhoods. “Swedish society as a whole is based on different religions,” he said in defense of the decision.

The Växjö mosque is the third in Sweden to be given permission to broadcast the Friday prayer call, the others being in Botkyrka, a suburb of Stockholm, and Karlskrona, in the south of Sweden.

According to a poll conducted by the Kantar Sifo polling institute, 60% of respondents said they wanted to ban Adhan in Sweden.

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