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Stuttgart-Möhringen (Germany): They wanted to “sing with the refugees”, nobody came

The Willkommenscafé [Welcome café] organized a meeting for refugees from nearby homes to sing together with the International Choir. […] None of the invited refugees came on Saturday to the [Protestant] Church of the Resurrection.

Klaus Eberle, organizer of the Willkommenscafé, was disappointed. Along with other members of his team, he had sent the invitations to refugee homes […] Some had said they accepted the invitation, but in spite of that they did not come.

“We wrote the brochure in German, maybe it was a mistake,” says Eberle. The Willkommenscafé wants to bring together refugees and inhabitants of the district outside of their homes. It was originally scheduled as a weekly meeting […]

“At one point, the interest was falling, so it was no longer worthwhile to meet every Tuesday. ” “Maybe we should have taken the refugees by the hand and brought them here,” says Eberle. But this Saturday, the singers did not let him down. […] They all sang a canon on the well-known melody of “Brother Jacques”. The text had been rewritten, so that we could learn a few words of Arabic. As the sun shone, the singers changed places and interpreted the songs outdoors.

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