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In South Africa the Suidlanders, an Afrikaner NGO, organize white protection

The Suidlanders are a South African NGO of Afrikaners that is attempting to prepare for the gradual decline of South Africa into anarchy, and most especially the increasing threat to whites, who as a minority are persecuted throughout the country.

Despite the abolition of Apartheid in 1991 and the initial hope for reconciliation, racial tensions have escalated in recent years. And today, the balance of power seems to be reversed. By imposing black quotas on companies, the State has created a generation of “black diamonds”: blacks who are proud of their success, and who have deprived thousands of whites of work.

Today, in the “rainbow nation,” as the subsidized media likes to call it, 42,000 whites live in extreme poverty and have been forced to settle in 80 camps and slums across the country.
Many black political leaders demand the expropriation of whites, who have long been accused of grabbing land, and have called for revenge. Attacks on farms are multiplying, and the number of whites murdered has been rising (72 white farmers were killed in 2017).

As a result, the wealthier part of the Afrikaner community barricades itself in entirely white cities, which have their own currency, their own flag, their own shops, and their own schools. The other part, which is largely unemployed and has few resources, now lives in slums that were previously inhabited by the black and mestizo communities. 80 whites-only shantytowns have appeared since 2000.

Faced with the threat to South African whites, the Suidlanders are getting organized. Look for support for them coming from Europe or other places that are majority white.

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