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Slovenia: outcry after ‘anti-migrant tales’ competition

In this tale, he was asked to show that ‘it is good to live in a traditional family, surrounded by his compatriots’.

The Slovenian Writers’ Association was set up Thursday against the launch of a contest inviting children to write tales about ‘the dangers of multiculturalism and illegal immigration’, at the initiative of the party weekly conservative SDS (opposition).

‘Traditional family’ and ‘compatriots’. Launched by Demokracija, a formation of former Prime Minister Janez Jansa, this competition for the under 10 years offers up to 300 euros reward to young laureates. The specifications are strict: the stories should ‘strengthen national conscience and encourage patriotism’ and show that ‘it is good to live in a traditional family (father, mother, children), surrounded by his compatriots and his pets’.

Migrants are an ‘invasive species’. The balance is threatened by ‘negative heroes’, namely migrants described as ‘intruders’ and can be represented in the form of ‘foreign invasive species’, according to the weekly. But ‘in the end, patriotism and family always wins,’ says the regulation.

Writers protest against ‘racist propaganda’. In a statement signed by representatives of 140 Slovenian public institutions, the Writers’ Association denounces ‘racist propaganda’ and stresses that children ‘deserve humane, open and tolerant tales that promote empathy and not hatred’.

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