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Rabbi Köves Slomó apologizes for campaigning for Fidesz-KDNP candidate

Slomó has done a lot of favors for Hungary’s ruling center-Right party, Fidesz. Now he is campaigning for a Fidesz politician – which could be embarrassing.

Slomó is in a difficult situation. As the leader of the Jewish community in Hungary, he is listed on the campaign leaflets of István Hollik, a Fidesz MP, guaranteeing the support of the faithful.
Of course, Slomó’s attachment to the party of Viktor Orbán is not new. “The rabbi has a duty to seek cooperation with all politicians and parties who help the Jewish community and their educational efforts. In Budapest’s Fifth District, there has been fruitful cooperation between the political parties and the Jewish community over the past 14 years.”

At Keren Or Cultural Center in downtown Budapest, thousands of visitors each year have the opportunity to experience the traditions, philosophy, or the Hebrew language through the Jewish Studies Department of the Free University, or to pray at the only Jewish house of prayer in the Fifth District. I gave my support for the continuation of this cooperation.

“I met István Hollik only once or twice, but also with the socialist Pál Steiner, Tibor Pásztor, Rogall Antal, and Andras Puskás. We know each other well and have been at the heart of this constructive cooperation over the past one and a half decades. They will receive my support in the future, just like anybody from the candidates of the democratic parties who considers the cause of the Jewish community to be important in this city, and who affirms their actions.”

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