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President Igor Dodon condemned the Declarations on unification with Romania

After 25 years of independence, Moldova is still struggling to find its own identity and its youth are more divided than ever. The split is between those who want to be united with Romania and those who value independence and closer relations with Russia.

On 6 February 2018, 8 out of the 13 local councils of the village of Sadova, President Igor Dodon’s home, adopted a statement condemning the recent declaration of other villages in support of reunification with Romania.

“We are patient, but everything has its limits,” President Dodon said in an address. “This will calm the supporters of Moldova’s liquidation and prove that the Moldovan people have their own country and home, where true patriotism awakens every time something threatens Moldovan statehood and identity.”

“We don’t want to quarrel with anybody,” he continued. “We don’t wish evil upon anybody. But we will not tolerate treacherous actions or attacks against the statehood of our Motherland. This hysteria will pass and remain in the past, and the Republic of Moldova will survive and have a great future, despite the efforts of those who wish us to disappear.”

“The games of unionism have gone on for too long. This is already an unсonstitutional action. Criminal cases will inevitably be brought against these ‘heroes’ in due course.”

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