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An Interview with László Toroczkai

“Our Homeland,” a New Party, is Born in Hungary: 
An Interview with László Toroczkai

Over the past three years, Hungary has become well-known throughout the world for its resistance to illegal immigration as well as to the demands of the European Union, which has been attempting to force all of its Member States to accept quotas of migrants in spite of the fact that the majority of people in many of those nations are opposed to it.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary and his ruling Fidesz party are particularly famous for the construction of the fence that was erected along Hungary’s border with Serbia, which was the route that many of the migrants were taking into the EU before the fence was completed in September 2015.

What is less known outside of Hungary, however, is that the fence was not in fact Mr. Orbán’s idea – even though he later became a fierce champion of it –  but was in reality the brainchild of László Toroczkai.

Toroczkai announced that he would be forming a new party: Mi Hazánk (“Our Homeland”), and was joined in this by Dúró and Novák. On Saturday, June 23, the party was officially launched in Ásotthalom, with speeches being given by all three.

Toroczkai said, “We want a Hungary in Europe that will be a white island, whether the European Union survives or disappears.”

He also called for a positive vision that would end the exodus of Hungarians westward in pursuit of better wages, which would involve economic reforms. Dóra Dúró also declared that she would be representing the new party in Parliament, saying that she would not hesitate to talk about problems stemming from Hungary’s Communist past, the problems with the Roma, or of the EU’s ongoing attempts to colonize Hungary.

Mr. Toroczkai, you’re well-known in Hungary as someone who has been a staunch Right-wing activist for many years now, and for the past two years, you’ve been part of the leadership of Jobbik. What do you see as the reasons for the failure of Jobbik to reach its goals in the last election?
I always say that the world is changing, but we must remain where we have always been. We have to remain strong to represent our country and our politics, and I think Jobbik has changed. The President of Jobbik [Gábor Vona] changed his ideas. He went toward the Left and liberal side, and this is not my way.
What do you think was the reason for the failure of Jobbik’s strategy?
I think that Gábor Vona was interested only in power. He didn’t care about Jobbik’s original principles. He lost the spirit of this community, the nationalist community, and what we had built over many years. I prefer to be loyal to this community because I have been working with it for twenty years. I had to listen to the advice that was coming from a lot of politicians who were telling me that I would never be able to win an election through my ideas and politics. Nevertheless, I was the one who first wanted to put a stop to illegal immigration in my town, and the border fence was my idea. Fidesz was able to win the election with my program and my idea.
So I don’t believe in the tactics Jobbik has been using. We can’t just think about tactics and strategy. We have to focus on our people and we need to believe in our principles, our way, and we have to be honest. It’s a very big problem now. Most of the politicians have lost their souls. Sometimes I think they sold their parties and their souls to a few businessmen.
Mr. Vona began to cooperate with a few businessmen, such as Mr. Simicska. This wasn’t our original way. But I think Mr. Vona’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t know what he wants. He was very close to the Muslims, and he sent Hanukkah greetings to the Jewish community. He is always changing his ideas. I don’t think the people need politicians who are always changing their mind.

Congratulations on the founding of Mi Hazánk. What will be the main differences between your party’s program, as opposed to what Fidesz is already doing? What are some of the issues that they are not addressing?
We are still in the process of building this new party right now, so we will have to reveal our program in the future. But I already recognize that there are many differences between our movement and Fidesz. For example, Fidesz never talks about the gypsy problem, which is a very important problem for Hungary, and for the Eastern European region more generally. Also, Fidesz wants to invite Israel to the Visegrád Group. I think Israel shares a lot of responsibility for the destabilization of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, like Syria and Libya, which were able to help stop illegal immigration into Europe in the past. So I don’t think it’s a good idea to invite Israel to the Visegrád Group. It is an alliance of European countries, and Israel is not European. So there are a lot of things on which I cannot agree with Fidesz.
Internationally, Hungary has been best-known in recent years for its conflict with the European Union. What do you think will be the ideal relationship between Hungary and the EU in the future? Do you think it’s something that can be changed, or does Hungary simply need to leave the EU? What do you see as the future of that relashionship?

Unfortunately, for economic reasons, Hungary cannot stand on its own. The Hungarian economy isn’t independent anymore, since after Communism ended, our government and politicians destroyed the Hungarian economy and destroyed everything. We need an alliance in Europe. And this is my way of thinking also, since although I am Hungarian first, I am also a European. This is very important for me. So I want an alliance between all European countries. I would be happy to open the European Union to other countries, especially to Eastern Europe, such as to Serbia, but only if we can change the politics of the EU. The politics of the EU are horrible right now. It is colonization, both politically and economically. The leaders of the EU are driving it towards a dictatorship. The way in which they want to force mass immigration onto Europe by opening the external borders of the EU is not democratic. There is no doubt that we need to change it, and I would invite other European countries to join it. I think every European country has a place in the EU, but Turkey, for example, has no place. But we have to change the EU’s politics. This is very important.
So you think that if the EU expands eastwards, into the Balkans and such, where countries tend to be more conservative, like Hungary, that this could be instrumental in changing the EU?
Yes. This is why I would open the EU to other Eastern European countries. We need balance. Right now the EU is like a dictatorship. A few businessmen and politicians from the West lead Europe, and they want to destroy the independence of every European nation. We have to change this situation and we need some balance. This is why I support the idea of the Visegrád Group, because we are in the heart of Europe. To have balance we need both the Western and the Eastern countries to have a voice. Right now there is What can we expect to see from Mi Hazánk in the near future? Do you have any plans you can share with us?
I will seek to preserve our traditions and our nation. I believe in a Europe that is an alliance and a cooperation between independent nations. I don’t want to change the population of Europe. We need to return traditional values to the people and to families. We need European families. We need European children. We don’t need gender idiotism. We don’t need these crazy liberal ideas.
Our goal is to win the next Hungarian election [in 2022] and we would like to send representatives to the European Parliament next year.
Many of the people who will be reading this will be Americans. What do you think of the American political situation today, and what do you see as the potential relationship between Hungary and the US?
I’m not an expert on American politics, but I was happy when Mr. Trump won the election, because I didn’t support the politics of Obama and these American Leftists. Fidesz’s politics is very close to Trump’s politics, and we can support these good decisions by Fidesz, but we do not agree with them on every question.
Do you think there’s any potential for cooperation between Hungary and certain elements in the US?
We will see. I would like to see something different in American foreign policy, such as in the Middle East, because I don’t think what is happening in Syria is good, with the Americans sometimes supporting these terrorist groups. So I think we have differences, but I am always open to accepting visitors from America. Some of them have come here to see the border fence, and I have always been ready to welcome them.
What is the situation with the migrants in Ásotthalom these days?
Everything is all right. Sometimes we are sad because it’s very boring now, we cannot hunt them. But now, Ásotthalom is one of the safest towns in Europe.

Thank you very much, Mr. Toroczkai. Good luck!
Thank you very much.


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