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Offenburg (Germany): Doctor killed by Somali

A doctor was stabbed to death in his office by a Somali migrant and his assistant was seriously injured in Offenburg, Germany.

The deadly knife attack shocked the city’s inhabitants. The anti-immigration party AfD will organize a demonstration outside the City Hall. After the murder of the doctor, Mayor Edith Schreiner (CDU) called for caution.

‘My deepest condolences go to the widow and daughter of the deceased, her family and the injured medical assistant. I wish him a speedy recovery,‘ she said.

‘That the crimes committed shock the inhabitants of Offenburg is understandable and human. But that is precisely why I appeal to citizens to act cautiously and refrain from any generalization, ‘ said Schreiner.

The alleged murderer, a 26-year-old Somali asylum seeker, arrived in Germany in early November 2015. Shortly after, he had access to accommodation in Offenburg.

The migrant was known to the police services for at least two incidents. On Saturday, the AfD plans a demonstration outside the Offenburg City Hall and calls for the resignation of the mayor.

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