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Netherlands: Police shot at raging Syrian

Police shot at a man who was threatening people with a knife in Verdilaan in Naaldwijk. According to a spokesman for the police, he was confused and was shouting at passers-by who were shopping in a supermarket.

The man turned up in Verdilaan at the supermarket level with a knife. The police had to shoot several times to stop him. A police dog was also deployed.

A trauma helicopter was called. The perpetrator was taken to hospital under the supervision of the traffic police. The national investigation service investigates the case.

The press officer of the public prosecutor’s office in the Hague cannot say anything about the man’s identity and motives. According to passersby, the man shouted ‘allahu akbar’, but it has not been confirmed by the police or the public prosecutor.

The man refused to surrender when the agents arrested him. During the arrest, the police fired several times on the Syrian. The suspect was injured, but he is not in danger of death. He was arrested for threatening.

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