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Milan (Italy): Loudspeaker announcement on regional train ‘Gypsies, get off!’

Passengers are asked not to give money to the people doing the quest. You should leave because that’s enough. And the same for gypsies: get off at the next stop, because you are breaking the balls.

This is the announcement, made by a woman’s voice in the speakers of the train, the passengers heard on regional train No. 2653 departing at 12.20 from Milan yesterday, towards Cremona and Mantua.

Many passengers shared the scene on social media and informed Trenord by email. The railway company has launched an internal investigation and has indicated that ’the device from which such announcements are made is not in the cabin, and may be accessible to a malicious passenger as well.

‘ The company Trenord considers the episode ’serious and unspeakable’, reported by passengers: ‘We thank our customers for the prompt report.

What has been reported is serious and unspeakable. We promptly conducted an internal investigation, after which we will implement the necessary adjustments.’

Source: http://www.ansa.it/lombardia/notizie/2018/08/08/annuncio-su-treno-zingari-scendete_6d6586f7-b57d-4b90-a5aa-8233bf762338.html

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