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Migrants Continue to Attack Hungarian Border

Illegal migrants continuously attempt to enter Hungary through the closed border fence near the town of Ásotthalom.

László Toroczkai, Mayor of Ásotthalom is famous for his hardline policy against illegal migrants and keeps a constant watch on the Serbian-Hungarian border not far from his town. “At night, these migrants have broken through the fence right where I slept. Our forces protecting the border caught them and quickly deported them back to Serbia,” he said. “Their newest trick is pushing and swining at the fence at different locations at the same time in order to divert attention while breaking through the fence and entering our country at some other point.”

As you can see in the above picture, this happens with the support of the UN.

Meanwhile, Muslims shouting Allah Akbar in Belgrade near a Hungarian historical monumen recently caused a big disturbance.

Thousands of users of the largest Serbian social media network shared the video which records groups of Muslim women and men praying on their knees and yelling “Allah akbar” in the fortress of Belgrade, mere meters from the historical monument depicting John Hunyadi’s victory over the Ottomans in the 15th century.

The video shocked many and incited protests against the fact that this is allowed in Belgrade. Many angry commenters considered the stunt a deliberate provocation, while others noted the fact that the remainder of the centuries-old Turkish mosque can be found a few corners downwards. According to Serbian media covering the event, the majority of migrants praying at the fortress were illegal migrants.

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