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Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid (Spain): Immigrants are ’heroes’

Europe trembles at the moment, with countries questioning people’s right to lodgings and human beings’ capacity to move and go where they think they should go.

Now is the time we have to make an effort to show that our beliefs are the direct opposite when it comes to migration, which is a phenomenon extraordinarily positive for all societies,’ she declared, adding: ’Without migration, we would not have the world we have.’

Carmena participated in the First International Forum on Migrations and Citizen Coexistence, praising the ’incredible’ forum and emphasizing that everybody has a right to peace. Also, she expressed her attraction to migrant collectives, who often have ‘more provisions’ or ‘more skills’ to work.

Howcan we despise a group of humans who are of such obvious value as these people, who have struggled so hard to reach countries where they can find a better quality of life?’ she wondered, declaring illegal immigrants to be ’heroes in pursuit of their dreams’.

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