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Kerala, India: A Latvian tourist was raped and beheaded

A European tourist who traveled to India to cure her depression was drugged, raped, and decapitated before her body was found hung by her feet in a forest.

The police reported that Liga Skromane was abducted by two men who sexually assaulted her before murdering her.

The 33-year-old, born in Latvia but living in Dublin with her partner, Andrew Jordan, traveled to India with her sister in February. She had been hoping to receive treatment for depression at a well-known spa in the Kerala region. But she disappeared a few weeks after arriving after being seen heading to the beach.

Mr. Jordan had gone to India after her disappearance and urged the police to continue investigating her death, which they initially had ruled a suicide.

The alleged assailants, who are currently in detention, are local drug traffickers. One of them has already been convicted of sexually abusing women. The police suspect that they had posed as tour guides to gain Ms. Skromane’s trust.

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