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Italy: Nigerian harassing three female students on train

Last Thursday afternoon, a Nigerian man assaulted three girls on a train and undressed in front of them, miming sexual acts, before being stopped by two passengers. The three students were aboard a train from Bergamo to Milan.

The girls were targeted by the 21-year-old Nigerian migrant asylum seeker in Italy, who first threatened them before sexually assaulting them.

According to the information collected by the security forces, the extra-European was traveling in the same car as the students and was sitting close to them. Taken by a sudden impulse, the stranger approached the girls and began to annoy them insensitively, going as far as making specific allusions to sexual acts.

The three friends, frightened, left their places in order to change cars, but the Nigerian caught one of them by the arm, threatening to hurt her. As if it were not enough, the stranger also undid his belt and pulled his pants in front of three frightened girls.
A few passengers, a man in his fifties and a young Roma man, hearing the students’ cries of terror, rushed to their aid and succeeded in blocking the attacker immediately. The conductor was informed of the serious episode of violence and he himself alerted the police.

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