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Italy: Minister compares migrants to ‘invasive species’

Minister of Cultural Heritage Alberto Bonisoli used a botanical metaphor to discuss the topic of migrant integration in Italy.

‘When some species of plants come from outside, if there is not an artificial process to regulate their acclimation, the species becomes invasive and shows its negative effects. A metaphor that will undoubtedly speak a lot, and with which the Minister from the 5 Stars Movement tackles a delicate theme, that of the integration of migrants.’

On the contrary, we want the minister, through diversity, which is a wealth, to reach another wealth, which is that of the growth of the social fabrics and the quality of life. We have a concrete opportunity to do this, and culture is one of the elements that can help this process.

When a plant arrives from outside, it takes time to acclimatize, but I think that time in our country has not been enough, we have situations of unease, of fear in people who do not, did not understand this change and how we could face it.

Culture can be a way to accelerate these patterns of acclimation, when these species arrive from abroad, so that they do not become invasive, with negative effects that are not what we are looking for.

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