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Italy: Mafia’s billion-euro business from migration

It’s a mafia problem. In the province of Foggia, there is a mafia crime that I intend to eradicate, street by street, village by village, by all legal means, ‘ said Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who in Foggia to meet the representatives of the agricultural workers.

The migrants start work at three in the morning, when a Moroccan picks them up in a van registered in Bulgaria, and they work 8 to12 hours, according to the Spanish newspaper ABC. Their salary varies from 20 to 30 euros per day, most of them earn less than two euros per hour.

These are the conditions imposed by the ‘caporalato’, an illegal system of recruitment of agricultural labor, which generates 4.8 million euros, 1.8 million of which is hidden from tax authorities, according to a report of the Federation of Rural Workers. In total, between 400,000 and 430,000 migrants work under these conditions in Italy.

Many of them beat the pavement in the streets of Foggia to denounce these ‘agromafias’, shouting ‘never again slaves!’.

Source: http://www.lalibre.be/actu/international/le-calvaire-des-migrants-surexploites-par-la-mafia-dans-les-campagnes-italiennes-5b705f8455324d3f13e7ad7b

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