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Interview Custodela: from Hell to Heaven

Can you tell us your background? First of all from Algeria to France then from France to Hungary. Why did you leave Algeria? Why did you leave France?

My name is Sabrina, I’m 33 and I was born in Algeria in 1983. I had to leave my country in 1994 because of what is euphemistically called the “black decade” or “the events” . The party of the ISF (Islamic Salvation Front) to come to power in the 90’s but its armed wing the AIG (Armed Islamic Group) had already been active during the late 80’s. Things got worse in the 90’s: Fake police roadblocks, entire families assassinations, fatwas (religious murder orders) on the intellectuals of the country (journalists, writers, activists etc …) and abductions.

I want to say that I was raised in a Christian home because my parents are Christians and so I received a Christian education. Accordingly outside, discretion was the rule and we avoided to evoke any sign of christianity. My parents decided to leave when the “Islamist” or “fundamentalist” came to make their rounds in the village where we lived. They fleeced all the villagers then started to make case by case; they took us out in the courtyard, watched us from head to toe and asked my mother to hide behind the gateway to not see her and have charged their banned list: my mother had veiling, my father had to stop smoking and go to the mosque five times a day; television, radio and books were strictly forbidden. A few days later by going to school, we were walking in groups with the “bearded men” behind, armed to the teeth. One of the men grabbed a young girl, barely a decade and smashed her skull down with pistol butts; her crime? She was not veiled as expected.

Three days later we left Algeria for France.

Why did you choose Hungary? What are the prospects that you see in Hungary that you do not see in France?

 I will forever remain grateful to France for welcoming me, but I saw her deteriorate, becoming a land of communitarianism, and always giving more ground to Islamism.

Many French people, packaged in anti-racism, refuse to see that they are in danger in their own country. I’m  watching  France wondering how this country can do allegiance to an Islam that wants the destruction of its fundamentals. My choice finally stand on Hungary, at first with my husband. Then I discovered a healthy country, sovereign, I saw Europe with a capital E. In this country, my children may be Christians, be proud of it and do not feel threatened by the galloping Islamism in the West.

The Hungarians are not subject to the dictates of self-righteousness, believing that the culture of the other is necessarily an advantage. Hungary knows itshistory, its past, its values ​​and wants to keep them all. I wish with all my heart that it stays on this path.

What future do you predict for France? What possible developments?

I don’t understand why Europeans should denigrate their own cultures and glorify the non-European ones, so the only advice I can give to European people and to France in particular is to make the right choices for their future. I come from a country where I saw people I knew become executioners in the name of Islam. All Muslims are obviously not terrorists but unfortunately the claims of the fiercest will take advantage on the others, they will be complicit by their silence and never will want to be cantilevered towards their “brothers.”

May God keep Europe because by the way things look for us he’s its only ally.

* Attached image translation:

ISF reveals its true colors”

-if we are the majority

-we suspend the constitution

-we forbid lay and socialist parties

-we immediately apply the sharia

-we expel the president

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