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Interview Custodela: Daniel Conversano, French nationalist

Daniel Conversano (here is the facebook page) is a French blogger and satirist of Italian backgrounds, who defines himself as nationalist and use of humor and provocation. We met him during one of his trips in Hungary and we asked about the migration situation in France.

Daniel, you’re French and Italian and you describe yourself as a nationalist, you try to make a cultural and artistic nationalist work, can you tell us more about what you did and your commitment in this direction?

In France, being Nationalist, being Patriot, loving his own country if you want, is discredited. It’s extremely frowned upon, it is equated with Nazism and I play this amalgam in making videos, writing texts reminding young French – since it is my heart target – they have the right to be proud of their roots and I’ll add their birth, their blood. They have the right to be proud of being white, French, European, and that’s what I try to convey through humor because that is what works best in our society today this is what has the most impact in the minds of young people.

What is the situation of immigration in France?

I have traveled extensively in Europe, I think it is the only continent that I know because I am scared of flying so I travel very little, but in Europe I traveled a lot so I can say that France is the country where immigration is the most important, including non-European immigration (North African and black African), I believe that -with England- I have not seen worse. One could get the numbers, but the reality on the ground is enough, I recommend to people who do not believe me to visit the fifteen or twenty largest cities in France and go in a number of them, white people in there are already a minority, so I would describe the situation of immigration in France catastrophic for the very simple reason – even if we would stop immigration – there would still be a problem through births and demography since African tend to have more children in our country, I do not see how the white majority could remain in the years to come so it raises questions of society,  question of civilization and I am very worried about it.

How did it happen? How possible that France which was a major world power, which theoretically still is, was able to come to this situation?

Big question. The starting point, everyone knows, were the Giscard d’Estaing era, that is to say, we opened the doors to immigration, already had been done in the 60’s to work: they brought in North Africans to make them work at low cost and then, in the mid 70’ss we did what we could call the “worst law of the universe” which is the family reunification, which authorized by rebound thousands and millions of families come then in France beyond the prospect of work today and what people should understand is that already over twenty years of immigration in France is no longer a labor immigration. Even if you cut the tap migration, there is enough of Afro-descendants for the positions at the bottom of the ladder so now it’s really an immigration of settlement, that is to say that it is a French immigration to replace the strain of people by people of African descent and unfortunately I have to say that the effect is taking. So why and how did we get here and are we allowed to do that? It is at the same time, a number of anti-racist laws that I would rather call anti-white prevent the nationalists to express their thoughts under penalty of going to prison so that self-censorship is that people live in a kind of illusion because those who can reinform them are prevented from speaking or by the first censorship is not to get on TV, even if there is internet, TV remains first media, the media that validates: the intellectual who’s on TV is the true intellectual, one who does not turn on the TV is an amateur so with this scheme where people realize that what’s on TV and what’s more, for those who have the courage to dare to tell the truth, that is to say that we are invaded, well at that time the justice passes behind and gives prison sentences and heavy fines. Here’s how we got to this disaster.

What can we do in France? Do you think possible that French politics stop immigration? What can be done against those who are already there?

I think there will come a time when even the leftist parties propose a zero immigration program and I think that time is near. The situation became absolutely unmanageable, we have seen there are more attacks, these attacks will multiply as the clash of civilizations is only going to grow and is now seen especially in a François Hollande Off sentences book that summarizes all of the situation where he says  he’s himself against immigration.

I see a maneuver to tell the French that they did not need to vote for the National Front to end immigration, but it is clear that until there is not a genuinely nationalist party that as will forgive me the expression, “pissing in a violin” as my father said, it will be small changes that will not change anything. We will seek to slow the bandwagon but it will be insufficient as long as we have not really closed the valve that is to say more than one, because if you look at the numbers of SCD (Sickle cell disease) there might be between 20 and 25 million extra-European in France, it’s huge in a country of 65 millions people. Regarding the solutions we are unfortunately still in a state of awareness, that is to say, we still have to reinform people to explain what they see in their city is everywhere like in France and it will be worse and worse, for my part I think the patriotic vote, when possible, is necessary, I mean in this case the National Front, and perhaps one day a party little tighter and then I would of necessity, that is to say that today the violence is daily, they are more and more spectacular, more and more frequent and it will result in attacks increasingly violent and, to me, before the start of the so-called “civil war” that will be the day of the response. I’m sure it will happen because it is a matter of probability, this is human science, the islamic state and jihadists going to do one, two, five, six, ten attacks again … one day a White person will retaliate, a strain of French will fight back, someone whom there killed the woman, he will attack a mosque, and there it will be the great start because we realize that what we forgive immigrants, immigrants will not forgive us when we will. I do not know when it will happen, I hope not, but it will happen, it’s a simple accounting calculation. Inevitably, one day, someone will respond and this will be the beginning of the war and I think that time there will be a comprehensive debate on immigration in France and Europe.

Finally can you tell us about the idea of ​​re-migration? Which is an idea that comes from France

 We had right-wing intellectuals who started to deal with the idea, re-migration is only a word, you can expect that nationalists are thinking about it for years. I think this is Laurent Ozon who handed it to date about three or four years ago since he became fashionable in our communities because he is conspicuously absent of political programs, I believe that there are parties to the right of the National Front like “Le Parti de la France” that perhaps offers it but it is not yet clear because in the eyes of people the re-migration means “violence” and “war” and people do not entirely wrong because obviously Africans who have settled in France have every reason to stay there so it’s no gaiety of heart they will leave. The re-migration is first  to create political parties to ensure that this move backwards migration run as smoothly as possible, Jean-Marie Le Pen had spoken at the time it is the principle of zero immigration, not an immigrant but also no theft of wealth from the other side of the trade and for that nothing will be possible as a genuinely nationalist party has regained the executive power because there are bilateral agreements with these countries to do here, the countries of the Maghreb, the black african countries, this is a complex issue.

Obviously we, people of France, the little proletarian, has only one desire is that all these black, all these Arab go away but it’s more complicated than that, I’d say it’s both easy and complicated ; easy because it’s easy to make, complex because it is hard to implement and it depends only on the will of governments that are, for now, hostile to that idea, for commercial reasons, capitalists want to continue immigration. I hope it will end because we run the serious trouble ahead and above all, as we do the interview in Hungary, I hope that the decline and fall of France, that is to say moral, ethnic and civilizational, serve as an example to see what it’s like to indiscriminately open the door to immigration. I hope at least, if France is destroyed, it will rise again but before that it will be an example to people: “this is an example not to follow”.


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