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Germany: 17-year-old Islamic terrorist arrested

BERLIN – A teenager has been arrested for planning attacks in the Frankfurt area, authorities said Thursday. The spokesman for the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office told the Associated Press that the 17-year-old Islamist was arrested by the police in Hesse on 1 September and was suspected of planning a serious terrorist act.

The information leading to the arrest, provided by the United States, indicated that the suspect planned to attack a gay nightclub in Frankfurt and a Catholic church in the city, according to an official, with access to intelligence information, on condition of anonymity.

At the time of his arrest, the suspect had received instructions on how to make explosives known as TATP and was trying to obtain chemicals. Small amounts of chemicals were found during a search of the suspect’s home in Florstadt, north-east of Frankfurt. The name of the suspect was not disclosed for reasons of confidentiality.

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