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A French jihadist arrested in Syria wants to return to France

A French public channel reported about a French jihadist detained in Syria by the Kurdish People’s Protection asked reporter’s questions about the reasons for his trip to Syria, the man from the town of Lunel, replied that he had come to get his little brother gone to join the ranks of the Islamic State.

A speech denied by the existence of many photos that show the two brothers heavily armed and seems happy to pose in front of the camera. “Most people came with a belief, with an ideal, I came without ideal […], I didn’t know any surah, I knew nothing at all,” he says, cigarette in hand. When the journalist asks him if he wants to be repatriated to France, he answers after having outlined a brief smile: “I want to go home.”

While he claims that the Kurdish fighters assured him that he would return to France after “interrogations”, a French guard who voluntarily joined the YPG units sends him dryly in the form of rhetorical questions:

“You think it will be so easy to return home after being with the Islamic State? To have seen people beheade?” The  jihadist retorts:” But there is my story, how do you react? I have my head cut off with them? Me, I want to go home and forget. “An answer that doesn’t convince the guard who chained:” You think we will forget? forget all the people who died in this war? forget all our comrades who have fallen because of people like you? ” ” I have nothing to do with them” he assures him, arrested by the Kurdish forces who consider him a Daesh terrorist.

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