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France: Adrien, 26, murdered by Arabs for rescuing abused friends

Adrien Perez, 26, was stabbed on Sunday morning in Meylan, Grenoble, France.

Three young men were indicted in the case. Two of them, Younes El Habib and Yanis El Habib, two brothers, respectively are suspected with the murder of Adrien and attempted murder on Adrien’s friend, were placed under arrest warrant.

In an interview by the newspaper ’Dauphiné Libéré’, Adrien’s parents evoke the memory of their son for a long time and say they are outraged by this tragedy. ’(…) We can always organize memory marches to try to mobilize opinion, it will serve no purpose.

Because there will be ther victims: a girl tomorrow, a grandmother then. And that will never stop. The level of violence in the Grenoble conurbation is unacceptable.

The police and gendarmes are doing everything they can, but the truth is that the state is afraid of this minority of ultra-violent people who terrorize the majority of the poor people in the neighborhoods,’ said Bruno Perez, Adrien’s father.

‘My son tried to rescue a couple of friends who were being attacked. It was while coming to help them that he was killed. He showed heroism. Neither he nor his friends were obviously armed, while the others had knives.

But how is it possible that people can enter a discotheque while being armed?’ Adrien’s mother, Patricia, wondered, and collapsed. ‘By killing our son, they destroyed our lives,’ added Bruno Perez, who explained that he would never forgive.


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