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Even pro-migrant activists observe that migration must stop

In two European countries last week, two representatives from “migrant-friendly” institutions came out against mass migration.

In Germany, it was Rebecca Sommer, an activist committed to helping refugees who entrusted the Polish and German press with the bitter knowledge of her experience in close contact with Muslim migrants. Believing at first that “the medieval worldview of the Arabs would change over time,” she eventually changed her mind, and now says that it is “almost too late for Germany.”

She analyzes the problem as follows: “Muslim refugees have grown up with a value system completely different from ours, have been brainwashed with religion since childhood, and have no desire to adapt to Western life.” She added that Islam is becoming increasingly important in German culture, institutions, and schools.

“No people, country, or group, whether it is Italians, French, Germans, or Poles, can survive as a nation if they do not reasonably defend their interests,” Sommer said.

And last week, the President of the University of Paris VIII, whose building was recently occupied by approximately thirty migrants after they were welcomed to France, likewise admitted that the dream of integration is no longer possible.

A French academic has discovered the problems that only thirty migrants can create. If this single experience could help academics to see more clearly that in the future, not thirty but millions of migrants will have to be dealt with, who knows? Perhaps their vision of the world, of Europe, of democracy, and of culture might be modified as well.

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