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Europe: Storm of newcomers threatens border

At the Croatian border, just 224 kilometers from Austria, more than 20,000 migrants hope to have a chance to break into Central Europe.

‘The Croats are really trying to handle that alone. They have also deployed special forces during this transition,’ say analysts from Group III (Migration) of the Interior Ministry in Vienna.

But there are disturbing developments, officials say:

‘Now, more are coming, more families, and there are almost no women. 95% of these migrants who wish to break through (note: The Border Line) are young men, mostly from Iran, Morocco and Algeria, almost all armed with knives. A border policeman has already been stabbed. ‘

“Europe does not want to impose any action on the Croats,’ says the Ministry of Interior. At the same time, a major breakthrough in Velika-Kladusa should be prevented for this reason alone, so that it does not become a sign for the departure of tens of thousands of additional migrants. One solution has already been found: in November, an extensive exercise of deployment of the Frontex border protection force must take place exactly at this border.

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