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Danish Immigration Minister: “We have been silenced and defeated by Islam”

Inger Støjberg, the Danish Minister for Immigration and Integration, explained both in a recent press article and a post on Facebook that, according to her, the Danes had been “silenced” and “defeated” by Islam and its fundamentalist supporters.

Under the title, “The Sad Truth about Islam,” the article begins by describing the premiere of the American musical, The Book of Mormon, in Copenhagen on January 25, which featured a popular actor.

“Could you imagine a Danish actor standing on a stage with his finger stretched towards the sky and shouting ‘stupid bastard’ at Allah?” she wrote. “Of course not! We all know what would happen . . . Hysterical protests against attacks on the religious feelings of Muslims. Demonstrations against its performance. Vandalism and death threats against the actors and the director. It would never be allowed. The issue is that we lost. We have been frightened by a religion whose fanatics have threatened to silence us.”

The Minister concluded, “There is no difference between satire and the annoyance it generates in pious people. The difference is that, in reality, the followers are mainly of the so-called ‘religion of peace,’ Islam, who are determined to frighten us with weapons, violence, and terror.”

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