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Custodela Interview: Daniel Friberg

Daniel Friberg is the Co-founder and CEO of the publishing company Arktos Media Ltd.

You are a successful businessman though you openly speak against massive immigration to Europe and even denounce liberalism and leftist ideology and cultural domination. Many people do not openly fight for their ideas – similar to yours- for they are scared to lose their carrier and social circle. What would you say to them?

That the era of Political Correctness will soon be over — and it is time for all men to stop being cowards and make a stand for our civilization.

You are Swedish, but you moved to Hungary. Why? And how do you see the situation in Sweden?

Technically I live part-time in Hungary, and part-time in Sweden. The reasons are many: 1) I love the country, and sympathize with the right-wing political climate and positions regarding the migration, and 2) I run a subsidiary here, to the UK publishing company, Arktos Media Ltd., for which I am the CEO and co-founder. The situation in Sweden is deeply tragic but not hopeless. Change is coming, and I as well as many others are doing whatever we can to speed up that process in Sweden. Unfortunately, there will be many, many innocent victims of migrant crime before the Swedish migration problem can be reversed, but there is no doubt that it will be reversed.

You wrote a book (link here) and you explained that you’re not only focusing on Sweden- nor Hungary – but whole Europe and North America. What is common between so much and different countries and what do you expect to be common for all of them in the future?

For once, we are part of the same European civilization, with lots of common cultural traits that make us disctinctly different from countries in other civilizational spheres outside Europe. Secondly, most European countries are today facing the same problems, in forms of the migrant invasion, subversive leftist and liberal propaganda as well as the overall attack against traditional family values. We are stronger together, and together we will solve these problems.

Finally, as a foreigner in Hungary, what is your experience? How do you see the country’s policy?

I like the country a lot, and the general impression I have of Hungarians I’ve met is that you are a proud but friendly people, that treat guests well as long as they deserve to be treated well. In terms of policies, I think you are a beacon of light for the rest of Europe when it comes to tackling the migrant crisis, and in many other political areas as well.

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