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Cry for help from border: More and more are coming!

On his Facebook page, László Toroczkai, the Mayor of Ásotthalom reported an invasion of his town, as his defence volunteers and rangers keep catching more and more illegal immigrants again. The fence is still unfinished, the camps are unrestricted and the road to Austria is not quite as long and winding as you might think.

The constantly ongoing migration may partially be due to the fact that the camps established by the government do not restrict the movement of migrants. In practice, it means that even if the Hungarian authorities catch them at the border, they can still leave the camps and easily move on towards Austria – potentially helped by human traffickers.

Furthermore, several sections of the southern border are still protected by nothing but a razor wire net since the fence has not been erected yet. Illegal immigrants easily cross these nets with some minor cuts at worst. There are quite a few such parts in the area of Ásotthalom: of the town’s 25-kilometre border section, less than 10 kilometre is protected by a 4-meter high fence – the rest is still being built by prisoners.

The open camp is a magnet

No surprise that the mayor keeps posting photos of migrants groups captured. He did so on Saturday, too, adding that “Unfortunately, my rangers again find more and more intruders deep in the country: as you can see in the photos, we could even catch a happy migrant gang munching on biscuits and drinking coke in the petrol station along the Szeged-Baja road.”

In his post, the mayor expressed his view that migration pressure would continue to rise as long as the camps remain unrestricted. He also noted that there were no women or children among the illegal border-crossing immigrants they caught. Only young men.

More than 10 000 have climbed over the fence

Since January 1, 2016, over ten thousand illegal immigrants have arrived in Hungary. According to police records, the number of captures per day is between 100 and 200 individuals – obviously excluding those that the human traffickers manage to take to Austria.

The figures show that 12,342 people have been captured by the Hungarian authorities by last Friday. Including Y2015 data, the total number of migrants policed has exceeded 424 thousand altogether by now.

Soon they can come from two directions

According to the EU directive, the distribution of over 1 million migrants already in Western Europe (mostly in Germany) would be implemented by way of a quota. The European Commission is so serious about it that two weeks ago they decided (inconceivably enough, Fidesz-delegated Commissioner Tibor Navracsics also agreed) that 78 million HUF per each rejected migrant would be deduced from the EU subsidies of the member states that refuse to accept the quota.

The Hungarian government was again active in the communication front and launched an anti-quota campaign with billboards showing “Send Brussels a message” and calling upon the people to participate in the referendum. In the meantime, the government turns down Jobbik’s proposal to further secure the referendum’s objective by amending the Constitution to reject Brussels’ forced immigration concept.
The referendum is expected to be held in the autumn, and Brussels’ blackmail is also to be voted upon, but it is likely to be opposed by several Central European countries along with Hungary.

(Source: alfahir.hu)

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