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Serbia prepared for tougher border control after Hungarian referendum

The overwhelmingly anti-mass migration result of the Hungarian referendum has left Serbia worried that it could mean tougher border controls, leaving the
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"This country’s TOO POOR" Shocking scale of migrants snubbing Serbia despite warm welcome

EXCLUSIVE: THOUSANDS of migrants are refusing to remain in countries offering them the chance of a new life - because they are "too poor".
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Islamic State military camps are established in Kosovo

Kosovo – Several training camps of the Islamic State were “discovered” in Kosovo.

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Serbian Police found illegal migrants near Bulgarian border

Serbian authoritiers found 56 irregular migrants hidden in two vans in the eastern part of the country near the border with Bulgaria, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

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Serbia prevents attempt to smuggle migrants to Hungary, Budapest reinforcing border fence

Serbian police have thwarted a people trafficker’s attempt to smuggle 44 migrants across the border to Hungary, AP reported on Monday.

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