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Belgium: The brother of notorious terrorist Salah Abdeslam, who participated in the attacks in Paris in November 2015, has now himself been accused of a crime.

He has been arrested and charged with carrying out an armed bank robbery in the municipality of Molenbeek. The robbery occurred on January 23. Mohamed Abdeslam was placed under arrest on Friday night for the theft, reports La Dernière Heure, a Belgian newspaper. A man armed with a knife attacked …

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Germany: A Syrian student is standing trial for allegedly planning a bomb attack on a synagogue, and for attempting to force a 7-year-old boy to become a soldier for Daesh (ISIS).

Abdulhadi B. arrived in Germany from Syria in 2012 after being granted a student visa. He is accused of planning an attack on a synagogue in Berlin, and for attempting to coerce his girlfriend’s son into becoming a child soldier. Abdulhadi, who is a medical student studying in Würzburg, also …

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