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Elysee collaborator Alexandre Benalla involved in protest incident. Initial mission: collecting DNA of Emmanuel Macron’s opponents

The gendarmes at the airport reported an incident involving an employee of the Elysee, Alexandre Benalla, to their superiors. He was taken into custody on Thursday for violence in meetings, usurpation of functions, illegal wearing of Police insignia reserved for the public authority and complicity in misappropriation of images from …

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Poland: “Our country is safe because we have not accepted illegal Muslim migrants; that’s why we have not had even a single terrorist attack”

On Sunday, Dominik Tarczyski, an MP with Poland’s Law & Justice party, was interviewed on a British TV channel. The interviewer commented, “You seem proud of not having accepted refugees.” Mr. Tarczyski responded, “Of course we are proud, because that is what our people expect from their government.”

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