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 English  Deutsch  Français  Español  Pусский  Česky ANDREJ BABIŠ ‘STANDS BEHIND’ ALLY VIKTOR ORBAN OVER EU SANCTIONS  Brian Kenety  14-09-2018  Print  Subscribe to RSS Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (Ano) said Thursday that the European Parliament was wrong to try to sanction Hungary and his government “stands behind” Viktor Orban, whom …

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Germany: Turk attacking Thai ex girlfriend and Pole

Friday afternoon a 47-year-old ex girlfriend woman from Thailand and her 44-year-old new boyfriend from Poland were coming out of the supermarket ‘Kaufland’ of Sindorfer Street in Kerpen when a 43-year-old man of Turkish origin attacked them with a butcher’s axe. Both were seriously injured in the attack.The man was …

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Offenburg (Germany): Doctor killed by Somali

A doctor was stabbed to death in his office by a Somali migrant and his assistant was seriously injured in Offenburg, Germany. The deadly knife attack shocked the city’s inhabitants. The anti-immigration party AfD will organize a demonstration outside the City Hall. After the murder of the doctor, Mayor Edith …

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Japan: Nigerian arrested after destroying hundreds of gravestones and religious statues

Prefectural Ehime police arrested a 45-year-old Nigerian national in an investigation into the destruction of hundreds of tombstones and religious statues in Ehime and Osaka prefectures. 仏像壊しナイジェリア人逮捕 大阪の墓石被害も関連捜査 愛媛・西条市の寺で、仏像を倒して壊した疑いでナイジェリア国籍の男が逮捕された。https://t.co/Ee3NB0je9R#FNN pic.twitter.com/jjmvX0rcOr — Fuji News Network (@FNN_News) August 3, 2018 Immediately, the police accused Abraham Emmanuel Uba, a resident of the city of …

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Bosnia, faced with influx of Muslim migrants, afraid of “being submerged and becoming Calais”

More and more Pakistani, Afghan and Syrian refugees are trying to reach Europe via the Bosnian-Croatian border. While reception facilities are hardly available, the influx of migrants, often from Muslim countries, is reigniting tensions in a country ethnically divided. Since the end of the war, Bosnia has been ethnically divided …

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