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Interview Custodela: Ingrid, political activist

Ingrid is living in Vienna, Austria. She is a young mother and political activist, as a member of the Identitarians. Ingrid, can you tell us what are the Identitarians about? What is their purpose, their goals, their means and their actions? The Austrian Identitarian Movent (Identitäre Bewegung, IB) exist since …

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Custodela Interview: Daniel Friberg

Daniel Friberg is the Co-founder and CEO of the publishing company Arktos Media Ltd. You are a successful businessman though you openly speak against massive immigration to Europe and even denounce liberalism and leftist ideology and cultural domination. Many people do not openly fight for their ideas – similar to …

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Interview Custodela: Hungarian Police

For the part of Custodela, Dear sir, In response to your electronically sent inquiry to the Csongrád County Police Office, ORFK Communications Service gives the following answer. On the construction and guarding of the fence, what sorts of changes has the fence brought? The construction of the temporary security border …

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