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 English  Deutsch  Français  Español  Pусский  Česky ANDREJ BABIŠ ‘STANDS BEHIND’ ALLY VIKTOR ORBAN OVER EU SANCTIONS  Brian Kenety  14-09-2018  Print  Subscribe to RSS Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (Ano) said Thursday that the European Parliament was wrong to try to sanction Hungary and his government “stands behind” Viktor Orban, whom …

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Matteo Salvini: ‘I am paid by the Italians to help our young people procreate and start a family, not to replace them with young Africans’

In a video that his entourage broadcast on Facebook, we see Matteo Salvini speaking at a meeting of European Interior Ministers and denounce the idea apparently previously expressed by Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg Minister, that aging Europe needs immigrants. ‘I have a completely different perspective. I think I am in the …

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Rijkevorsel, Belgium: migrants escape from police bus

Two migrants in transit, aboard a federal police bus on Wednesday, managed to escape by jumping out of the window in Rijkevorsel, Antwerp. They were probably on their way from Zeebrugge to the Merksplas Center for Illegal Residents. Belgique : des migrants en transit s’échappent d’un bus de police pic.twitter.com/ZzamBZIgsc …

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Norway plans to return 1600 Somalis

Norway is considering withdrawing refugee status from 1,600 Somali migrants and returning them to Somalia, noting that the situation in the country has improved. The Norwegian government has stated that Somalia now has a more stable government and that refugees no longer need the protection of the Norwegian state. ‘The …

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