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Hungarian village bans mosques, muezzins, burqas and burkinis

Ásotthalom's far-right mayor, László Toroczkai, says the ordinance was adopted to defend the village's "community and traditions" from any EU scheme to resettle asylum-seekers A Hungarian village has banned mosques, muezzins, burqas and burkinis, it has been reported today. AP reports that the far-right mayor of Ásotthalom says councilors have …

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Interview Custodela: Hungarian Police

For the part of Custodela, Dear sir, In response to your electronically sent inquiry to the Csongrád County Police Office, ORFK Communications Service gives the following answer. On the construction and guarding of the fence, what sorts of changes has the fence brought? The construction of the temporary security border …

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Migrant protests also break out in Békéscsaba

No physical atrocities occured and nobody was injured during protests by illegal immigrats at the Guarded Refugee Receiving Centre in Békéscsaba, the Prime Minister's Chief Advisor on Homeland Security told Hungarian news agency MTI. "The camp in Békés Country is home to 165 people, seventy of whom began acting in …

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Cry for help from border: More and more are coming!

On his Facebook page, László Toroczkai, the Mayor of Ásotthalom reported an invasion of his town, as his defence volunteers and rangers keep catching more and more illegal immigrants again. The fence is still unfinished, the camps are unrestricted and the road to Austria is not quite as long and winding …

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Message of Custodela

The time has come! After more than 6 months of preparations, we can finally go public with our European self-defense network. The name of this network is Custodela, it is a latin word, it means "protection". The exisence of Europe is threatened by illegal migration that was brought on us …

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