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Netherlands: Police shot at raging Syrian

Police shot at a man who was threatening people with a knife in Verdilaan in Naaldwijk. According to a spokesman for the police, he was confused and was shouting at passers-by who were shopping in a supermarket. The man turned up in Verdilaan at the supermarket level with a knife. …

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Bridge collapsed in Genoa: Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio cheered by the crowd at the funeral, elected officials on the left insulted

Members of Italy’s former government were jeered by the families of victims of the Genoa bridge collapse as four more bodies were found on Saturday. There were shouts of “buffone” – clown – and “vergogna” – shame on you – as former minister and current Democratic Party secretary Maurizio Martina …

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Japan: Nigerian arrested after destroying hundreds of gravestones and religious statues

Prefectural Ehime police arrested a 45-year-old Nigerian national in an investigation into the destruction of hundreds of tombstones and religious statues in Ehime and Osaka prefectures. 仏像壊しナイジェリア人逮捕 大阪の墓石被害も関連捜査 愛媛・西条市の寺で、仏像を倒して壊した疑いでナイジェリア国籍の男が逮捕された。https://t.co/Ee3NB0je9R#FNN pic.twitter.com/jjmvX0rcOr — Fuji News Network (@FNN_News) August 3, 2018 Immediately, the police accused Abraham Emmanuel Uba, a resident of the city of …

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Håvard Pedersen, 18, was stabbed and killed in Vadsø by a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker.His family do not want this to be presented in a way that encourages racism.

The murderer had obtained a residence permit. It was a Saturday night when Håvard Pedersen, 18, was stabbed in a small supermarket in the city. The police were informed of the incident just before 10:00 pm and arrived quickly at the scene. The victim, who was at work, was declared …

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