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Illegal Immigrants to Benefit from Amnesty

VIA Swissinfo Geneva has launched a programme to grant resident permits to illegal immigrants in Switzerland and combat unlawful work practices. It applies to several thousand people who have been living in Geneva for at least ten years, or five years in the case of families with school age children, …

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Scabies reappears in Swiss schools

Via LeNews.ch – Scabies, a disease also known as the seven year itch, has reappeared in Swiss schools. The contagious skin infection is cased by a mite and is spread through skin contact and occasionally by sharing clothes. In French it is called gale. In german it goes by the name …

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Switzerland Considers Ban on Koran Distribution

Cities in Switzerland are considering banning the distribution of the Koran in an attempt to crack down on radical Salafists proselytising on the streets. Swiss authorities have been pushed to act after the German government launched raids on 200 sites in a probe against Salafist group “The True Religion” on …

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