Belgian Fighters in Syria — a Closer Look at the Converts

Via Emmejihad On a total number of 591 people from Belgium who at least have tried to join an armed group in Syria/Iraq during the current conflict (including Belgians, people who resided in Belgium and/or were recruited by Belgian networks), 40 are certainly or very likely converts. That’s almost 7%. …

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Woman injures 3 in Belgium stabbing attack

Police shot and wounded a woman in a Brussels suburb after she attempted to stab three people, the city's public prosecutor's office has confirmed.   The attack took place as passengers were disembarking a bus in the municipality of Uccle in the Belgian capital at around 5pm on Monday, by …

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EU expands operations in Lybia

Brussels wants to help in reinforcing coast guard on Mediterranean Sea before the coasts Libya. This measure also includes the setting up of a Libyan Marine and Coast Guard. The foreign ministers of the EU countries plan to extend the activity of European Border and Coast Guard at the coast …

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