Italy: Nigerian harassing three female students on train

Last Thursday afternoon, a Nigerian man assaulted three girls on a train and undressed in front of them, miming sexual acts, before being stopped by two passengers. The three students were aboard a train from Bergamo to Milan. The girls were targeted by the 21-year-old Nigerian migrant asylum seeker in …

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Matteo Salvini: ‘I am paid by the Italians to help our young people procreate and start a family, not to replace them with young Africans’

In a video that his entourage broadcast on Facebook, we see Matteo Salvini speaking at a meeting of European Interior Ministers and denounce the idea apparently previously expressed by Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg Minister, that aging Europe needs immigrants. ‘I have a completely different perspective. I think I am in the …

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Bridge collapsed in Genoa: Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio cheered by the crowd at the funeral, elected officials on the left insulted

Members of Italy’s former government were jeered by the families of victims of the Genoa bridge collapse as four more bodies were found on Saturday. There were shouts of “buffone” – clown – and “vergogna” – shame on you – as former minister and current Democratic Party secretary Maurizio Martina …

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