Qatari Government Opens Mega Mosque in Malmö, Sweden

Via Breitbart The 1,791 square metre Umm Al-Mu’minin Khadijah Mosque will be able to accommodate around 2,000 devotees and cost the Qatari government around three million euros, according to the Qatar News Agency. An absolute monarchy where the legal system is based largely on Sharia law, the Gulf state has …

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Sweden Plans to Increase Penalties for Companies Hiring Illegal Migrants

Via Sputnik News Swedish government wants to double the penalties for those enterprises which employ undocumented migrants in the light of the April 7 terror attack, Swedish Justice and Migration Minister Morgan Johansson said Thursday. Swedish government proposes doubling the penalty up to approximately $5,000, according to Johansson. Johansson introduced …

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Double Decapitation Murder in Stockholm

VIA Speisa  A double murder in Hallonbergen on Tuesday, was carried out to silence a witness before a trial. One of the victims, a woman, had her throat cut, said a police source to Nyheter Idag.  "The carotid artery was cut off on both sides of the neck of the …

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