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Mother of schoolgirl, 14, and was ‘cut up and served as kebab meat’ claims investigation was sidelined because their family is working class.

The mother of a 14-year-old schoolgirl who police believe was murdered and cut up before being served as kebab meat has claimed the investigation was sidelined because she is working class. Charlene Downes, from Blackpool, disappeared 15 years ago but her family are no closer to finding out the truth …

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Veiled Somali Muslim enters the Swedish Parliament

In the 21st place on the list of the Greens, Leila Ali Elmi of Somali origin, was elected to the Riksdag on September 14th, which provoked controversy. ‘How much can Leila Ali Elmi be independent of the group that promoted her? Will she focus primarily on issues that benefit Somalis …

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Cases of monkeypox confirmed in England

Public Health England can confirm that a third individual has been diagnosed with monkeypox in England. This person was involved in the care of the case in Blackpool Victoria Hospital before monkeypox was diagnosed. This third case is now isolated to minimise the risk of onward transmission to others. They are …

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Norway plans to return 1600 Somalis

Norway is considering withdrawing refugee status from 1,600 Somali migrants and returning them to Somalia, noting that the situation in the country has improved. The Norwegian government has stated that Somalia now has a more stable government and that refugees no longer need the protection of the Norwegian state. ‘The …

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