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Eastern Europe

Movie: The silent Revolution (2018)

1956, A group of sixth-grade pupils decide to show their solidarity with the victims of the Hungarian uprising by staging a minute’s silence during lessons. This factually-based drama is an account of a well-meaning act of solidarity with the Hungarian Uprising, which ends with a whole class of school kids …

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Hautes-Alpes, France: A hundred identititarian activists have undertaken an anti-migrant operation

This morning, a hundred activists of the Generation Identity movement began an operation in the Clarée Valley, on the Franco-Italian border. Most of the activists are French, but there are also Italians, Hungarians, Danes, Austrians, English, and Germans, who are are snowshoeing the 1,782-meter Col de l’Échelle to “control the …

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Hungarian Minister: “The latest attack in France proves that there is a close correlation between immigration and terrorism. Hungary considers immigration to be a vital danger »

Events like the latest terrorist attack in France highlight the importance of security, Peter Szijjarto, the Hungarian foreign minister, said on Friday. According to press reports, an attacker of Moroccan descent killed three and wounded two at a supermarket in Trebes, in southern France, on Friday. The French police stormed …

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The Hungarian Minister of Justice: “The question of immigration is key because it affects the composition of our population. We can see that multiculturalism does not work in Western Europe “

Immigration, multiculturalism … The Hungarian Minister of Justice, who was ambassador to Brussels and Paris, talks about these sensitive issues in Central Europe. “Multiculturalism in Central Europe is very reluctant, especially since we observe that it does not work so well in Western Europe. This does not mean that we …

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The Czech Prime Minister persists: “We will not welcome any migrant. Not one. Nobody can tell us who has the right to live in our country.”

Not a single migrant will enter the Czech Republic despite the European Commission’s compulsory quota mechanism, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis promised his Parliament last week. “We will not welcome any migrant, nor any quota of migrants. Not one. We are against the idea that the EU can dictate to …

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Ivan Krastev: “The migration crisis has shown that Eastern Europe views the cosmopolitan values upon which the EU is founded as a threat”

The Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev, who is a widely respected scholar of the post-Soviet world, warns of a clash of cultures between an Eastern Europe attached to its identity and a Western Europe that is both individualistic and cosmopolitan. Krastev wrote the following: “The ethnic compositions of the countries …

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