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Eastern Europe

Helsinki: Putin invoked the idea that there’s a connection between accusations against his regime and Jews

In response to a question about election interference, Putin brushed off allegations that the Russian government was involved. He compared the company that allegedly gave cover to the Russian intelligence agents to Soros — essentially arguing that an individual company doesn’t represent Russia, just like how Soros doesn’t represent America. …

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Poland: “Our country is safe because we have not accepted illegal Muslim migrants; that’s why we have not had even a single terrorist attack”

On Sunday, Dominik Tarczyski, an MP with Poland’s Law & Justice party, was interviewed on a British TV channel. The interviewer commented, “You seem proud of not having accepted refugees.” Mr. Tarczyski responded, “Of course we are proud, because that is what our people expect from their government.”

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Hungary sides with Israel and the United States

Hungary to attend Israeli reception for US embassy move to Jerusalem Hungary’s ambassador to Israel is attending the reception the Israeli foreign ministry is hosting in Jerusalem on Sunday evening to celebrate the US embassy’s move from Tel Aviv. Axios recalls that according to European diplomats and Israeli officials, the …

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